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April 23-30, 2017

Join Thousands of Fellow Wellness-Minded Women & A Handpicked Team of Leading Experts As They Reveal Their Best Strategies to Clear Brain Fog and Stay Sharp!

Repair - Protect - Thrive!

Be sharp and focused now and into the future ... no matter what "common knowledge" says

Brain fog, "senior moments" and dementia are women's #1 health concern.

And it's with good reason. Walking into a room and forgetting why you're there is one thing, but...

Alzheimer's disease - which begins decades before you have any symptoms - is now the #5 cause of death in the US of people aged 65 or older. 

Neurological disorders are becoming the world's biggest, cruelest and most expensive health problem...and as a woman, you are TWICE as likely as a man to suffer from dementia!

The good news is you can do something about it.

You have the power to think more clearly, improve your memory and dump the common belief that cognitive decline is inevitable.  

It's simply not true -- and you can find out why.

What do you mean by an "Online Event" 
Where is the Summit?

If you have an internet connection, you can be part of this event. All training sessions will be broadcast online FREE during the summit for everyone that registers.
No need to travel anywhere, buy tickets or pay for lodging.  We bring the experts to you.

No Matter What Your Age, Our Experts Can Help You Avoid or Reverse Brain Fog and Stay Sharp!

The Female Brain Summit is a FREE online event that brings experts from across disciplines as they reveal their latest research, routines and resources.

Our world-class speakers will encourage and inspire you to know the truth. Rather than declining with age, your brain can actually improve!

Join us to learn...

  • The top things you need to do now to reverse brain fog and keep your memory clear into the future so you never have to suffer the embarrassment of "senior moments" 
  • Exact steps you can take right now to minimize your risk of developing the dreaded Alzheimer's disease, whether you have a genetic predisposition or not
  • What your female hormones have to do with memory and how to balance them (hint: it's a lot!) and how to balance them naturally - without hormone replacement therapy 
  • The usefulness of medical cannabis, nootropics, "smart drugs" and nutritional supplements for cognitive clarity
  • How to detox your brain and body without trendy "cleanses" and gimmicks
  • How the trillions of microbes living in your gut change your memory and your mood, including proven ways you can feed the good guys and make your brain work better
  • Why exercise improves your cognition by building the size and capacity of your brain - including what kinds of exercise are best and how much you need to see positive effects (without becoming a gym rat!)
  • Simple tools that re-frame your attitude and confidence (without woo-woo chanting, incense or sacrificing your independent thoughts to someone else's version of "truth")
  • And much, MUCH more...

Speaker Schedule

Each Round will be broadcast for 48 hours, from 12:01 a.m.  Eastern to 11:59 p.m. Eastern, on the specified days. 

Round 1: Sunday and Monday, April 23 & 24

Mary Newport, MD

Ketones as Therapy for Better Brain Performance

What you'll learn

Mike Mutzel, MS

Nutritional Ketosis, Brain Fog and Weight Loss

What you'll learn

Angela Poff, PhD

Non-Toxic Therapies for Neuro Disorders

What you'll learn

Brenda Watson, CNC

Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Brain

What you'll learn

Round 2: Monday and Tuesday, April 24 & 25

Daniel Kalish, DC

Fight Toxicity with Functional Medicine

What you'll learn

Sarah McKay, PhD

Complex Neuroscience Made Uber-Simple

What you'll learn

Dan Ritchie, PhD

Functional Fitness for Peak Cognitive Health

What you'll learn

Lauren Beardsley, ND

Reverse Your Stress and Grow Your Brain

What you'll learn

Round 3: Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25 & 26

Gregory Smith, MD

Medicinal Cannabis and Neurological Function

What you'll learn

Dan Pardi, MS

Cognitive Enhancement with Nootropics

What you'll learn

Jesse Lawler

Nootropics and the Pursuit of Being "Smarter"

What you'll learn

Alexis Shields, ND

Blood Markers to Monitor Brain Function

What you'll learn

Round 4: Wednesday and Thursday, April 26 & 27

Debra Atkinson, MS

How Exercise Impacts Neurological Disease

What you'll learn

Denise Medved

Strategies to Enjoy a Life of Ageless Grace

What you'll learn

Dianne Bailey, CSCS

Movement Meditation with Tai Chi

What you'll learn

Kusha Karvandi, CSCS

Functional Neurology & Training for Focus

What you'll learn

Round 5: Thursday and Friday, April 27 & 28

Kim Serafini

Prime Your Mind for Peak Performance

What you'll learn

Julie Schiffman, MSW

Tap Your Way to Relaxation and Clarity

What you'll learn

Anna Lembke, MD

Escape Addiction to Prescription Medications

What you'll learn

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

Critical Minerals in Clearing Brain Fog

What you'll learn

Round 6: Friday and Saturday, April 28 & 29

Barry Friedman

How 30 Days Sugar Free Can Change Your Life

What you'll learn

Steven Park, MD

Sleep Apnea and Your Memory

What you'll learn

Julia Lundstrom

Reversing Damage from Depression

What you'll learn

Justin Mares

Healing the Gut With Grandma's Wisdom

What you'll learn

Practice Brain-Safe Beauty

What you'll learn

Wrapping it Up: Saturday and Sunday, April 29 & 30

Encore Weekend!

Join Us April 23-30 for this FREE Online Event!