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What's possible for you?

Are you looking forward to quick, energetic thinking in the years ahead?

Maybe you're not sure. Perhaps you have more times you'd like to admit when names or details that used to come to you quickly take longer to retrieve. 

Most women think keeping a sharp, quick mind as they age isn’t possible. They’re conditioned to believe they should accept decline without question.

And their doctors aren't helping. Most women hear from their physicians that nothing can be done to avoid or reverse sluggish thinking or brain fog.

They don’t see improvement on the horizon. They resign themselves to thinking this is how life goes, nothing can be done.

In other words, they ignore it. They figure their genes control that kind of thing anyway, so why bother trying to improve their brain's abilities? 

But that's not you. Not by a long shot.

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I know - because you’re reading this page - you are not that kind of woman.

You are not resigned to decline, but are looking for solutions to feel as sharp and energetic as you can. 

The question is: Has what you’ve been doing so far working? Do you have sharp, clear thinking? Do you even BELIEVE you can have clear cognition through old age?

I asked myself the same questions. My mom is in late-stage Alzheimer’s, and her mom had it, too. I could see the genetic cards stacked against me. What could I do to protect myself?

Fortunately for all of us, there's a LOT we can do. Doctors are seeing women clear brain fog and regain quick thinking. They're seeing brains look and act like they're decades younger.

You can actually rehabilitate a sluggish brain and make it act "younger" … regaining energy, focus and clarity. You can revel in a life full of laughter and joy, enjoying your spouse, children and grandchildren. 

You can THRIVE.

Eliminate brain fog, get sharper & more energetic thinking, and avoid common mistakes so you can feel like your younger self again!

These viewer-favorite speakers will encourage and inspire you to know the truth... Rather than declining with age, your brain can get even better!

These 10 Sessions will be aired for FREE viewing from 11/25-11/27

Schedule of Events

Saturday, November 25

The End of Alzheimer's

Dale Bredesen, MD


  • Why Alzheimer’s isn’t just one thing, but three distinctly different syndromes
  • What to do if you have the ApoE4 (a.k.a. Alzheimer’s) gene
  • The true purpose of amyloid build-up and what to do about it

Top-Shelf Nutrients to Fuel the Female Brain

Max Lugavere


  • Cutting-edge 'brain hacks' from a Core Expert on the Dr. Oz show
  • Which foods, supplements and exercises best energize your brain
  • What science has learned about your brain and your daily cuppa Joe

The Alzheimer's Antidote

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP


  • The glaring - and ignored - metabolic causes of Alzheimer's disease 
  • What hyperinsulinemia, prediabetes and diabetes mean to your brain
  • The pros and cons of using exogenous ketones as therapy for Alzheimer's

Sunday, November 26

Better Brain Challenge

Steven Masley, MD


  • Why brain fog and memory loss are so common, and the cause of this epidemic
  • The top five critical brain nutrients you must include in a brain-healthy diet
  • Common brain toxins, where to find them and how to avoid them

Functional Fitness to Increase Brain Performance

Dan Ritchie, PhD


  • Which exercises are best for keeping your brain functioning its best
  • How to handle the roadblocks that stop over-50 exercisers
  • How the fitness industry is creating specialized trainers for over-50 clients

Sleep Smarter... You'll Be Smarter

Shawn Stevenson


  • Whether you have the right bedtime and, if so, how to stick to it
  • How eating late at night affects your hormones (and your sleep)
  • The real reason you crave sugary snacks and treats when you miss sleep

Medicinal Cannabis and Neurological Function

Gregory Smith, MD


  • How cannabis can be used for neurological (and other) conditions
  • The difference between THC and CBD and how to dose proper ratios
  • How to break away from the fear of addiction or the need to be high to gain benefit from cannabis

Monday, November 27

Hormonal Influences on Your Brain – Especially After Menopause

Deborah Gordon, MD


  • What hormones are key to brain health
  • Why women have more cognitive impairment than men
  • What you can do to maintain healthy hormone levels

Blood Sugar, Diabetes and Dementia - What's the Link?

Melissa Schilling, PhD


  • The clear connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease
  • The impact of insulin and blood glucose on your brain
  • How this medical establishment 'outsider' uncovered the truth

Telomere Length as an Indicator of Aging 



  • What telomeres are and how they give clues about your entire body
  • What lifestyle practices will lengthen your telomeres and add years to your life
  • What to avoid if you want to keep the telomere length you already have

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I want to help you think clearly.

I'm combining my formal training in clinical research for medical devices, sports medicine and nutrition with my personal motivation to learn how we can clear troubling brain fog, enjoy lightening-quick cognition, and feel decades younger.

Stick with me to learn the latest in how to take care of what's between your ears, so you can not only reduce risk of future disease, but revel in your best life possible TODAY!

Enjoy. :)  

Maureen Garry

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