Female Brain Summit 2

Coming April 23-30, 2017

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Join us for Female Brain Summit 2 to learn:

  • The top things you need to get right to keep your brain sharp and your memories intact
  • What you can do right now to minimize your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease - whether you have a genetic predisposition or not
  • What kind of diet increases your risk of developing dementia
  • Why exercise builds your brain and improves your cognition - as well as what kind of exercise and how much you need
  • How your emotional state influences your short- and long-term memory
  • The connection between knowing your purpose in life and risk of cognitive decline
Meet Our 2016 Summit Experts

Mary Newport, MD

Ketones and MCTS as Therapy for Dementia

Max Lugavere

Top-Shelf Nutrients for Fueling the Female Brain

Lauren Beardsley, ND

Reverse Your Stress to Grow Your Brain

Shawn Stevenson

Sleep Smarter... You'll Be Smarter

Sarah McKay, PhD

Complex Neuroscience Made Uber-Simple

Dan Ritchie, PhD

Functional Fitness for Peak Cognitive Health

Jacqueline Schaffer, MD

The Link Between Hormones, Alzheimer's and Radiant Skin

Denise Medved

Winning Strategies to Enjoy a Life of Ageless Grace

Jenny Brockis, MD

Dealing With 'Busy Brain Syndrome'

Shawna Kaminski

Fit After 50 - The Truth for 'Everyday' Women

Dan Cohen, MSW

Playing the Brain's Neural Symphony

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

The Critical Role of Minerals in Brain Fog & Forgetfulness

Caitlin Padgett

The Many Faces of Addiction - and How to Beat It

Dawn Sylvester

Fit Women Think More Clearly!

Adam Michael Brewer

Using Mindfulness to Grow Your Gray Matter

Holly Kouvo

Brains and Balance: What You Need to Know

Debra Atkinson, MS

How Your Thoughts Change Your Exercise Results

Dan Pardi, MS

Sleep and the Human Operating System 

Eve Delunas, PhD

Change Your Brain Without Moving a Muscle

Melissa Schilling, PhD

Blood Sugar, Diabetes and Dementia - What's the Link?

Brenda Watson, CNC

Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain - What's the Connection?

Emily Fletcher

Meditation for Better Brain Performance 

Mike Mutzel, MSc

Gut-Brain Biochemistry for Dummies

Amy Reichelt, PhD

Junk Food Controls Much More than Your Waistline

Daniel Kalish, DC

Balance Your Hormones with Functional Medicine

Craig Ballantyne, MS

The 'Perfect Day Formula' Rescue for Women

Barbara Hannah Grufferman

The Best of Everything After 50!

Dana Wilde

Use the Power of Words to Train Your Brain

Bill Harris

Meditate Like a Monk - Without the Learning Curve

Ben Yu

Melatonin & Life Hacks for Mid-Life Insomniacs

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Meet Your Summit Host, Maureen Garry

Maureen Garry is a nutritionist, trainer and former Silicon Valley clinical research professional. Struggling with her mother's decline into Alzheimer's disease, Maureen was not only heartbroken, but concerned she could be at increased risk. When searching for ways to improve her odds against getting dementia, she was surprised at how quickly and easily women can tilt the scales in their favor. Her new mission is to show women how their lifestyle habits can ward off brain fog, "senior moments" and dementia - and that it's never too late to start.

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